Thursday 31 December 2015

Throwback Thursday

I've been thinking about our summer holiday this week.

Duriong our stay in Calistoga, we partook of a little wine tasting. I picked Castello di Amorosa because they offered dessert wine tasting; I wanted to get Tutt some dessert wine to say thanks for looking after the mitten.

It was kind of an unusual place. Very American. It has been built in the style of a Tuscan castle, using a million bricks that the owner had shipped over from Europe. Inside, it does look like a genuine Tuscan castle, down to the frescoes copied from Siena; only it has light switches and signs stating maximum room occupancy and the like. Slightly bizarre.

The tasting room was very busy. We had a French lady pouring our wines. She was grouchy in that way that French people are with English people. We tried several; I picked a dessert wine for Tutt. "Ahhh, La Fantasia!" she said. "I call zees, ze baby maker! Eet ees so feezzy and fun, you cannot 'elp eet!"

I did not tell Tutt that bit.

We also bought a couple of bottles of a very nice white wine to bring back with us, one of which we opened on Christmas Eve. It tastes very good: like elderflower. I was slightly surprised when I opened it up and it tasted as good as I remembered. In my experience, during a wine tasting my palate seems to adjust so things taste different to the way they do at home. Like, my taste buds are more clued in during a wine tasting.

It was a good day and a happy memory. I just wish they shipped wine overseas!

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