Tuesday 1 December 2015

Tuesday Ten

This week, Carole invites us to look back and recall...

The ten best things about November

1. I began it in the company of my uni best friend in Sheffield, eating pulled pork out of a skeleton. Jen had planned that Hallowe'en party to the nth degree so it was only fair we stayed up into the small hours to appreciate all of it.

2. I put a good 15 inches onto the sweater I have wanted to knit for years.

3. I posted every day for NaBloPoMo and I beat my total post count from last November.

4. I completed a book chapter and am halfway through the LAST ONE. Oh, so excited to get my life back!

5. I spent two weekends in a row at home. First time since September! I'm away this weekend, though. My next goal: three weekends in a row at home. This may be possible end of January/start of February.

6. I went shopping in Devizes. Have been there so many times but almost always with students. It was delightful to browse at will.

7. I presented at an inset day and received positive feedback from my peers. Presenting to people you know is always infinitely more scary than presenting to people you don't know.

8. I paid off my credit cards, like a sensible grown up. There was not a great deal on them but I think that's always worse - it doesn't feel like it's worth paying off.

9. I made a Christmas cake.

10. I'm still not in tights. Every year I try to make it further and further into winter before I don any legwear under my skirts. I think this might be a new record for me. I know it has been an exceptionally mild November, but still.

I'm a bit jealous of Carole because she's been to Vegas, and Vegas is so lovely in November.

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