Tuesday 29 December 2015

Tuesday Ten

Carole invites us to think of...

Ten things I did in 2015 that made me feel proud

1. I wrote a book. I didn't think I could do it in the timeframe they gave me, but I did. It is 52,000 words. Here's a portion of it from a screenshot.

It's 108 pages, so I can't squeeze them all into one screenshot. Of course, it's not FINISHED finished because the edits are still coming back (chapter 3 edits are not pretty), but I made my deadline. Honestly, I'm so proud of this it could fill slots 2-10 as well.

2. I contributed to an article for the professional journal for my job. I have been published in it before, but only in the section that is all reader contributions. I think it's notoriously difficult to get an article published here so I was also very proud to see that (although it's not quite out yet).

3. I took over as a website manager for one of the work organisations I'm involved with and became an adviser for them.

4. I ran an external conference about preparing to teach the new GCSE which attracted 21 delegates and got all positive feedback. Probably the most terrifying event of my career to date.

5. I was made head of department at school permanently.

6. I passed the exam and all the assignments for the course I have been working on for over a year, so now I'm a member of a chartered institute. This was a genuine surprise. I really thought I'd tanked the exam.

7. Let's have something non-work - I finished (let's think positive because that Telluride WILL be finished) six sweaters this year.

(Thinking of non-work achievements is really hard. 2015 has been The Year Of Work).

8. I went to blood donors for the first time since I was 18. It's so difficult to get an appointment; but in June I bit the bullet and made one for the end of August. Now I realise that once you've done one, they make your next appointment for you and you get first dibs. Good stuff.

9. I reached a top skiing speed of 59km an hour when we went to Bormio at Easter. Not too shabby.

10. I got used to bikram. I even started to enjoy it. Whoever thought that would happen?


Bonny said...

Numbers 2 through 10 are certainly accomplishments you should feel proud of, but I believe you should be shouting Number 1 from the rooftops! Finished or not, hooray, hooray for you!

AsKatKnits said...

Bonny said it best! And, yes! Shout it!! Wow that is just fantastic!!

Happy New Year!