Tuesday 22 December 2015

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I'd like for Christmas

1. A Fitbit Charge HR. Or maybe a Surge, even. You know, for all the running I do.

2. New earphones. I keep destroying the pairs I have by putting them into my handbag and forgetting they're there.

3. Ski mittens. I have fancy gloves but I miss my mittens, they're so warm.

4. A new phone with a good camera on it. I am coveting the Wiley Fox Storm.

5. A Mercedes SLK. Because they're very cute.

6. Tristram Hunt's 10 Cities That Made an Empire. I keep picking it up to look at and then putting it back.

7. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Smells like a field of lavender, and I am having a Kiehl's love-in recently. They're so generous with their samples; I bought some more of the day serum on Sunday and I got three free samples and a big Kiehl's washbag. Those samples are getting me hooked on new products. I'm a marketing person's dream.

8. A coffee maker for the history office at work. One with pods; I was originally against such nonsense but they're quick and not messy.

9. New socks. Everybody always needs new socks, especially at Christmas, don't they?

10. A new tortoise. Our tortoise, Norris, absconded while we were on holiday (I can't remember if I mentioned it at the time). He was a wanderer: that is how we got him in the first place, when he turned up in my friend's parents' garden - they live in a hamlet five miles from the nearest dwelling. I miss him. He was a cantankerous character, as all of our pets seem to be.

(Note to the confused: yes, backdating this, because I wrote most of it and then forgot to finish and post it...)

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Claire said...

Sally, about the tortoise... One of my colleagues has just acquired two tortoises from a HUGE local rescue case, I think in South Wales. Would you like me to ask her for details? Apparently they're not well socialised and need experienced owners.

Claire from knitting group (the tall, non-dog-agility one!)