Wednesday 30 December 2015

2015 Knitting Resolutions Review

At the end of last year I made this post with my lofty ambitions for the year to come.

Shortly after making that post, I got stuck into a garment-knitting challenge on Ravelry and pledged to knit six garments in 2015. In my head, the two garments that were almost finished from previous years were within that total, which would have left me ample time for knitting other things. In reality, though, the amount of yarn I was able to use up knitting whole new garments proved to be like catnip, so basically all my resolutions fell by the wayside.

I did finish the Lopi shell.

I did knit something from the Jimmy Beans 2013 stash.

I did knit something from the Wonderwool 2014 stash....and three things from the 2015 stash. Two more jumpers and some mittens or something and I will have used up everything I bought at this year's Wonderwool.

I finished one delinquent WIP.

I knitted one additional motif for my Lion and Lamb blanket - at this rate, it should be finished by 2065, assuming I don't buy any more yarn for it. I did buy four more skeins this year - roughly 14 more motifs' worth - but Lorna's have stopped dying L&L in their limited edition colours so I think this might be it, unless they bring out any more permanent blues.

I finished one of my nearly-completed cardigans. This almost didn't happen, but then I was writing this post and became overwhelmed with shame.

I did not knit a single rose for my chair (have actually had to take the chair out of use for the moment because the cover is so worn I became afraid it would need professional attention).
I didn't knit any socks.
I didn't finish my other almost-completed cardigan: the blue one, I feel I have an excuse for, because I want to add sleeves but I want to pick up and knit down and I've never done that, so it's in the scary pile.

Yarn in and out. Well, I managed just over 8 km out. It's the best year for knitting totals since 2009. I beat last year, so I won that resolution too.
However, I brought roughly 17 and a half km of yarn IN this year. This is awkward. I need to stop buying yarn, seriously.

Actually, it's not as bad as I thought. I have had a busy year, after all.

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