Monday 28 December 2015

Weekend WIP: Telluride sleeves

I finished the back and three-needle bound off the shoulders last Wednesday, so the sleeves were cast on and accompanied me to Sib's. I am doing them two at a time in the round on one long circular. I am determined to finish them before the end of 2015: so much so, in fact, that I stayed up past midnight last night, watching Sex and the City repeats until the decreases were complete (and thus missed blogging about it on the actual weekend). I'm about two inches off shaping the sleeve caps.

No picture because you know what sleeves look like. I am determined to have a FO post by the end of the year, anyway.

I broke into skein four to finish the second front and used it up on one sleeve. I'm currently knitting both sleeves from the fifth skein. I think I might pick up and knit the neckline before finishing the sleeves, just so I can be certain I have enough wool. I would hate to be short for the neckline.

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