Monday 21 December 2015

Weekend WIP

I have finished the front of the Telluride Aran, hurrah!

I had to pause with it this week because I realised that my cunning plan to go down three sizes through waist shaping had not taken into account the fact that on the larger size, the central honeycomb cable is a 40 stitch panel, while on the smaller size it is 32 stitches. This meant the armhole decreases were going to cut into the cable pattern, which would not have been a good look.

It took me several days and some cheerleading and advice from knitting group to come up with a plan. In the end I decreased eight stitches from across the cables - four in the purl stitches bordering each seed stitch column, and four in the staghorn cables, which I began completing as a three-over-two cable instead of three-over-three. I don't think it really notices.

I had to join a fourth skein for the last two rows of the left front. It's been good on the yarn so far, considering how heavy with cables it is.

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