Tuesday 5 December 2017

Bikram milestone

I made it to class number 100 today!

I nearly didn't go. My usual instructor was not teaching and it was a new-to-me person. I decided I didn't want class number 100 to be with a new person; but then I said it out loud and realised how stupid and unyoga it sounded, so I duly went. I forgot my contact lenses and it was a crowded class, so I ended up on the front row, for the first time. PRESSURE. And I have been feeling very giddy now and again for the past day or two, which came back in spades during any and all the backbends, but luckily I didn't fall over on anybody. Or at all.

The instructor had some kind of problem half way through and had to leave briefly; for a minute I thought the class was going to be cut short, which would have been ironic as I'd have got to 99 and a half, and who knows how that would have sat with my slightly obsessive brain.

I had to ask for permission to go on the front row (not officially, but for my own comfort) because there is still a lot I can't do. I think I will list here because, assuming I carry on going, this will be nice to look back on in the future. You may prefer to stop reading now.

  • I can't catch my foot in standing head to knee, or standing bow
  • I can't catch both feet in bow
  • I can't reach my feet in camel, or rabbit...basically I don't know how I even cut my toenails sometimes
  • I can't get my hands to meet over my knees in wind removing pose
  • I can't get my leg in the right place in tree
  • I can't get my arms in the right place for locust, let alone do the legs
  • I can't get a full wrap in eagle, or get my hands looking vaguely right
  • I can't really manage all the bits of awkward because it makes my feet hurt too much
  • My bum still does not touch my feet when kneeling
  • My hips still don't reach the floor
  • I still need to stick one leg out in the twist at the end
  • My head has not touched my knee for at least a year, in any pose

That's quite a list. But there are lots of things that have improved and some of them are quite subtle. I remember when I started and I couldn't do the simplest of things. Standing with my feet together was uncomfortable. It was basically impossible to breathe in through my nose for a count of six (I used to fake it). I couldn't kneel for any length of time. These are all things I have conquered, along with the heat and the necessity of showering naked in front of a changing roomful of women.

My particular successes are in anything involving long hamstrings or backbends - I seem to be able to do those OK. I was astonished to find, being on the front row, that I was backbending further than most of the other people in my eyeline. I could almost see the floor. Pleasing. I also think I'm quite good at triangle, now I understand how to do it, and balancing stick.

I like to practise it. I think my standing knee is a bit bent here and I need to lift my other leg from the glute, but it's all good practice. 

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