Thursday 28 December 2017

Scenes from the Classroom: The Christmas Card Edition

I received a nice clutch of festive cards from students this year. The ones with the messages in are always my favourite. Here are a selection.

Something from one of my new year 7 tutees. She's very quiet but very lovely.

This one was from T, previously mentioned. She's done great this year. When I marked her book last, I gave her a star and wrote that I was really proud of her. I'm always a bit nervous writing that, in case it comes across as patronising; but when I gave her the book back she said, 'Thanks for what's in this, Miss.' I replied that the star stickers were my favourite, and she said, 'I liked the comment best. That's my favourite bit.' Aww.

These last two are from sixth formers.

I like to think the shade thrown in this one was unintentional. I was her teacher last year, as well. I think she just didn't enjoy the Tudors much last year....well, I hope that's what she meant.

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