Friday 29 December 2017

2017 Knitting Round-up

It's been a slow year on the knitting front. I had my knitting challenge all figured out but, for some reason, I haven't managed to knit much this year at all.

I have finished:
  • Two sweaters
  • One small shawl
  • 16 hexagons

I have started two sweaters and one shawl. 

This has amounted to a paltry 4000ish metres out, and probably at least that much in during Wonderwool. Hmm. Not terribly successful. 

However, I have had a lot of wear out of my handknit jumpers this year and I feel like I've finally got the hang of knitting garments for myself, after a few years of too short in the waist, too short in the sleeves, saggy necklines and so on. Really I think next year should be about fixing the knitted garments I have made but never wear for some reason. 

I also think next year really does need to be the year of cold sheeping. I have enough. I have some beautiful things. I need to use them. 

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