Tuesday 26 December 2017

Tuesday Ten

Ten Gifts of Christmas

Some strong work from my friends and family again this year.

1. Mr Z got me a GoPro Hero 5. Yeyyyy! My old GoPro was getting a bit old and the quality wasn't very good. Very excited about this one. Lots of good skiing videos are in my future.

2. To go with it, he also got me a voice-activated remote control. So, when I'm skiing down a mountain, I can just yell GOPRO START RECORDING at it and it will catch whatever it is I'm looking at. Genius.

3. A bottle of pink grapefruit Sacred gin from Sib. He knows me well.

4. Something of a family theme here...Mother Hand got me two tickets for a tour of the Bombay Sapphire distillery in Hampshire. Something to look forward to next year.

5. Parpy Jo got me this amazing colour pop blusher from Charlotte Tilbury. I love Charlotte Tilbury: it feels grown up in a way that reminds me of borrowing Mother Hand's make up when I was small.  It came in a bag of tissue paper, spritzed with her signature perfume (Charlotte Tilbury's, not Mother Hand's) and this, too, smells of being a proper adult. There was a sample of it and I wore it to the school Christmas party. When I'd finished doing my make up and put it on I though, crumbs, you look about 40 - and then realised I basically am. Ah well.

6. From Kath, a lovely coffee and coconut and peppermint body scrub and some cute Christmassy hair slides.

7. The Parents Z bought us some new roasting trays, which might sound dull but is the perfect gift, since our roasting trays are of the flimsy kind. They go very nicely with our new oven. Made myself a turkey melt today - it's so nice to have a working grill again.

8. Nephew Z bought me a big box of chocolates from Thornton's. Such a good gift. Nobody ever buys me boxes of chocolates.

9. Work secret Santa brought me a delicious apple scented candle and some marhsmallows that I think might have been home made. They didn't last very long.

10. Almost forgot - Sib's girlfriend, Betsy, bought me a turquoise embroidered pencil case from Peru. This will be perfect for toting around board pens, instead of sticking them in my pockets.

Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted, too.

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