Saturday 16 December 2017

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

Well, that's it - over for another year. I was sorry that Alexandra didn't win but not surprised that it was Joe.

I couldn't choose a single favourite dance from the night. I think my favourite showdance was probably Gemma but she manages to look quite heavy in the lifts still - I have no idea how because she's hardly big. She was FIERCE for the rest of the dance. Joe's was to one of my favourite songs but it seemed to have been speeded up.

So, instead of picking an individual dance, I have cheated and gone with the group dance, which has some favourite moments from across the whole show in it.

I really liked the dance at the very start of the show, too. They all look really delighted to be there and I love how they always seem to allow some of the cheesy dance moves into these opening numbers.

Back to another year of plotting how I can become famous enough to be a Strictly contestant.

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