Saturday 2 December 2017

Weeknote: 2/12

I haven't done any knitting this week, since finishing Mother Hand's shawl. I did cast on for a new shawl today, but had to rip it all back when I realised my mistakes were too numerous and hidden to easily fix. I have cast on again but I think it's going to take a while.

Going to:
I caught up with friends for sushi on Monday night. Fun, as always.
I caught up with R, a fellow teacher friend, on Wednesday. He's been working extremely hard, having achieved a senior secondment for no extra money, so we haven't caught up for a couple of months. It was good to geek out.
On Wednesday I went back to Bath to see some old colleagues. The Christmas market was closing for the night so we just went to eat at Yum Yum Thai (well-named) and caught up on gossip.
I've managed yoga twice. My next class will be class number 100.

How to make lemon cornmeal pancakes. So. good. I didn't even need syrup. The lemon in them makes them taste of the thin pancakes with lemon and sugar we used to have on pancake day when we were small. Squeezy-lemon-tastic.

Obsessed with:
Avoiding marking mock papers. I have managed this to such a degree that, on Friday, I planned all of my lessons for next week except for the year 11 ones. It's unprecedented. I even spent time I could have spent marking the mocks, making a marksheet to use while marking the mocks. I've marked two out of 39. I've had them for 10 days. Time really is up....guess what I'm doing tomorrow.
Tidying, and sorting, and throwing stuff away. I am determined to get rid of all the nooks and crannies full of stuff I never use and don't need. All this week I've been looking to buy a new blusher brush to use with my NARS palette and tonight I was going through an old bagful of bits from My Little Box subscriptions that I'd never used, when lo and behold - a perfect little blusher brush. So, I have boxed up a lot of it that I will never use and we will use it for prizes at the house charity even next week.

Entertained by:
Impending Christmas! I'm so excited about getting all the decorations up.
Mother Hand still sending me an advent calendar. A chocolate one. Perfect.

Oh so tired and clumsy. I scraped the back wing of my car on a pillar in the school car park on Tuesday. I fell asleep on the bus to Bath on Wednesday. And yet, still, I can't make myself get into bed at a reasonable time, not even on Thursday, when I had no work to do for the next day. This is definitely something I need to improve. I think getting more sleep would solve a lot of my problems.

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