Saturday 9 December 2017

Weeknote: 9/12

I have been picking away at the lace shawl and I'm getting into a rhythm with it. I really love knitting lace because it's like magic - I cannot understand how that combination of stitches results in that pattern. Alchemy.

Going to:
My 100th bikram! Woohoo!
Dinner with Team Humanities from school. We had a Christmas meal out on Thursday at the Canteen in Bristol, which does a really good meal and delicious local cider (ginger and chilli, this week). I had mussels and it came with a free bowl of soup. I am a fan.
With most of them same people, I've been to a carol concert this evening in Cotham, because N was singing in the choir. Mr Z came too and it was all very festive, and we went to a proper old man pub afterwards. Our colleague Z is pregnant and probably not coming back after her maternity leave, so we're doing quite a lot of hanging out at the moment.
I had the ski trip meeting on Wednesday, so now I am very excited about skiing.

How to use a formula to get Excel to calculate an age on a certain date. It involves a lot of brackets. This is the formula: =INT(YEARFRAC(A1,DATE(2018,1,1))) where the date in the final set of brackets equals the date on which you want the age calculated.
Yes, I've been doing the ski trip spreadsheet.

Obsessed with:
My workload. ARGGGHHH!! Why did I avoid the mock papers last weekend? And the weekend before? Why didn't I use any of the three extra frees I had last week to actually mark something? This weekend is brutal, I have so much to do.
I cannot WAIT to break up next Friday.

Entertained by:
I enjoyed the end of Howard's End although it went very quickly.
I listened to a new podcast this week, thanks to Sib recommending it. It is the Joe Rogan Experience, episode 725: Graham Hancock and Russell Carlson. It is LONG and I am still only halfway through. It is very interesting though: it's all about a cataclysmic event that happened 12,000 years ago (possibly being hit by a meteor 100km wide) and the evidence there is that there was a significant human civilisation that pre-dates that, and possibly why 'the establishment' won't get on board with it. I am really interested in the topic but I am a bit over the academic posturing.

Fraught. Hurry up, holidays.

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