Saturday 23 December 2017

Weeknote: 23/12

I've done a bit of lace shawl, but most knitting time this week has been taken up with charting the new Wonderwoman jumper, as blogged about earlier this week, and then actually casting it on. Yes, it is officially on the needles. Expect pictures and a progress report tomorrow.

Going to:
I began the week in a prefab somewhere in Cardiff, on a stupid driver awareness course (as in, yes, I am aware I am a stupid driver). I got caught speeding through a variable speed camera on the M5 back in September. I am still sore about it - I was doing 29 in a 20 limit that had been set during an accident 10 hours earlier. There was one other car in sight, and I think he got caught too. The next gantry, at which we were expected to exit the closed motorway, was lit up at 40mph. I am still fairly certain that they had just gone home without switching the sign off. But whatever. The course was actually quite interesting, though it is the irritation at having to do it that will ensure I am more careful through the gantries next time, not the course itself. I am not much of a speedster. I drive a Picanto.
After that, I took myself off to Cribbs and had a sushi lunch and shopped in John Lewis and assorted other establishments. Christmas presents were purchased.
On Tuesday, Jo and I had our annual trip to Gloucester services for dinner and cheese shopping, this time with Kath. Cheese was purchased, along with gin, sausages and a variety of other things I didn't strictly need.
Wednesday was errands day: dentist. Accountant. Doing most of my tax return after finding out how much the accountant charges (I think I will treat myself next year, though. esp since it's a deductible). Doing an exam board job. Then into the 'shire for drinks with my old colleagues. I spent most of the night chatting to my old boss Ian, although other old friends also featured, including Yakob. Nice to catch up.
The extent of Thursday's expeditioning was posting Christmas cards, and Friday was not much better, featuring only a trip to the butcher for the Christmas meats and to the beautician for the Christmas nails.
Which brings us to today, when I have but ventured out to the 'wood for the Christmas dinner veggies.

It's nice being on holiday and having a variety of things to write about.

That some of those decorations I stuck to my wreath are made of glass and they make a very pretty sound when they kamikaze off the wreath and smash on the doorstep.
That some of those traffic cameras will pick up people using their mobile phones.

Obsessed with:
Writing. I'm writing this book. It's not going well. I just can't make myself sit down and do it. I asked for a long deadline and they gave it to me, but now that deadline is less than 3 months away and I'm at about 7% completion. That's not great.
I think I did have a breakthrough today, though. I'm ok as long as I am writing about teaching activities. Apparently I can manage that quite well. It's the intellectual stuff I am struggling with. I might need to leave a lot of that out.

Entertained by:
I've been catching up on the Victoria series from earlier this year, and it has made me want to watch the Crown. I need more spare time.
I've also watched Die Hard and most the The Holiday because, well, it is Christmas, isn't it.

Strangely well prepared for Christmas. I don't think I have broken up as early as the 15th ever in my teaching career to date. Having a whole week to get ready for the day is blissful, but I don't quite know what to do with myself. I've probably spent too long sitting in my chair, since I have a sore neck.

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