Saturday 16 December 2017

Weeknote: 16/12

Still working on the lace shawl but it's going to be a long term project and I feel the need to cast something else on. I have been planning a Wonderwoman jumper for a long time: maybe now is the time to cast it on.

Going to:
Christmas night in with my friends on Tuesday. Parpy Jo has been working hard on her house and has created a hygge back room of dreams. All pale wood and starry lights. Delightful.
Japanese food with the work team and then to the carol concert. There was a staff choir this year; we sang the wassail. It was very Christmassy but it was absolutely freezing. Hopefully next year the heating will be fixed.
Friday night was the staff Christmas party, in Pizza Express. They ran out of prosecco, but it was still better than last year, when we went to Revolution and we couldn't hear each other over the music. I was in it for the long haul but then I realised I really couldn't walk at any pace in my very favourite silver sparkly shoes. I am waaaaaay out of practice. Sensible shoes next year and then I can stay out late.

What burnt salted caramel tastes like. I made lemon curd and salted caramel (separate jars, obvs) for my department this year but the first batch somehow burned without me really noticing. It was only as I was pouring it into jars I realised the aftertaste was a bit bitter. Bah.
And how to sing the Wassail...even if I can't hit that high E. What is a high E doing on the alto part anyway?

Obsessed with:
Not necessarily obsessed, but I have been a bit concerned all week about my tutor group's secret Santa, worrying that some people might not buy presents. In the end I only needed to have one 'spare' gift, which I already had wrapped up and left over from when I used to run staff secret Santa; and one person ended up with two gifts, so it almost worked out OK.

Entertained by:
Interviews week on the Apprentice! Always the most cringeworthy. Every year they seem to become more like caricatures, but then I remember that this is how Katie Hopkins got her break and I think they are actually quite normal.

Ill, of course. The obligatory Christmas holiday cold arrived with the Christmas party. Blergh.

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