Saturday 16 October 2010

October Goals

BAD! Very bad. Here we are at October 16th and the goals are not yet published. I am really feeling the strain of coming to the end of a term which had no right to be so busy. I have had these goals marinating since the start of the month....
  • Complete Malaysia paperwork (the clock is ticking)
  • Call my gran (especially if I want to stay with her overnight one night in half term)
  • Cast on for a decent-sized knitting project
  • Plan a week of decent assemblies for school
  • Finish the sparkly hat
...and I want to put in a couple more, but will have to make sure I am not cheating and putting in anything too easy for me; I feel I can't help but cheat, though, since I already know how I am doing with the goals above (hint: very well).
  • Mark all five sets of KS3 assessments before half term
  • Wash the dining room and kitchen floors
I think that will do.


Christine E-E said...

when are you going to Malaysia? on holiday? or do you have friends there?

Sally said...

I'm taking a school visit in the middle of November. We go and stay at a boarding school there. Lots and lots of paperwork!
I do have a friend who lives in Kuala Lumpur, though: I visited her in the summer. It's a wonderful place.