Friday 30 December 2011

2011 Resolutions Round Up

I set myself ten resolutions here

1. Be capable of doing five full press ups without stopping. At the moment, I can do one - badly.
Yes - ish. I told personal trainer Jenny that this was my goal and she promptly stopped allowing me to wimp out and do box press ups, and now all press ups are full ones. But, I dispute them being proper, because I can't press down very far. It looks kind of pathetic. But I'm going to say yes anyway, because actually I can get to 12 without stopping, which is a big achievement.

2. Wear the flowery Coast dress I bought in the charity shop to the staff Christmas party - or have worn it to the leavers' ball, if it fits by then, in which case I will allow myself to splash out on a new dress.
No. It is still a little snug, though not as bad as it was. There was no weight loss this year. I am mega strong and a bit buff now, though.

3. Have finished the Knitpicks sampler lace shawl I started last June.
No. I have added precisely two rows to this. I worked out, when I pulled out the shawl in September, that if I added one row a day I would be finished by the end of the year. That lasted 2 days.

4. Be able to crochet....yes, it is a Dark Art, but there is this beautiful crocheted scarf pattern that I have an urgent need to make.
No. I borrowed Rachel's book but I still haven't opened it.

5. Have done something high. By which I mean, parascending, sky diving, rock climbing....
Yes. I did glacier walking in Iceland. It was pretty high off the ground.

6. Be a regular contributor so my savings account.
Yes! And in March my final student loans payments go out, so that contribution can go up. I'm a proper grown up.

7. Have decorated Bunny Towers with lots of photographs and pictures. More to look at on the walls, please!
So, I haven't exactly done this, but there is decorating afoot at the moment which makes it a bit difficult. I keep looking through pictures and picking out a few new ones to get printed. It's on the back burner.

8. Have to come up with a new ultimate goal, having finally crossed the equator into the southern hemisphere.
Yes. Visit Machu Picchu. Then I can also say I have visited six continents (I'm not sure I'll ever make it to Antarctica, but asfter watching Frozen Planet religiously these past few weeks some kind of penguin colony visit sounds very tempting.)

9. Finally have an A* in a GCSE, hopefully. I had better started revising now.
Yes! A* Geology GCSE is now mine.

10. Be up to 150 projects on Ravelry. This one is going to be difficult...
It was. I am up to 129, from 111. It hasn't been a great year for my knitting mojo. However, working on small projects has helped so I am going to continue in that vein next year.

Hmmm...not bad. Win some, lose some. I am pretty happy with how this year went, to be honest.

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