Thursday 29 December 2011

December Goals Round Up

An outstandingly successful month in terms of goals! Especially considering it's December.

Knit hats for Mother Hand and Sib's girlfriend for Christmas.
Done! And I blogged about them here and here.

Write and post at least ten Christmas cards.
Done. I bought some beautiful cards from the Natural History Museum, with pictures from the Nature Photographer of the Year exhibition, and wrote them on the coach home. Win!

Have all marking up to date by the end of term.
Done. It may have given me neck ache, but definitely done.

Plan 75% of lessons for the first week back after Christmas.
By the end of term, I'd planned 10 out of 16 lessons, which left only the sixth form lessons. I thought this was good enough, in spite of it not being quite 75%. Of the six lessons left, I can double up two, which improves my score to 10/14. I'll take that.

Do my tax return for 2010/11. This is always a Boxing Day job but I may have to do it a bit earlier this year.
As of December 22nd, this was basically the last thing on this list I had left to do (not including short turns but I'm quietly confident about those) - so I was motivated to complete it a full four days early. And motivated to keep my documents better organised for next year, and complete my tax return earlier, in say, April. And not make a mistake on it. I think I might have made a small mistake. Not as big as last year's mistake, when I missed a decimal point and briefly owed more than £3 million in tax, but a mistake nevertheless.

Take five new ideas from the Google Teacher meet up in London I'm going to and blog about them on my work blog.
Didn't come away with five ideas - it wasn't that sort of event - but I did blog about it.

Get very drunk at least twice. I seem to avoid drunkeness these days but I think it's good to cut loose now and again.
Definitely done....

Really crack short turns when I'm skiing in three weeks.
Since I am currently away doing this (the joys of post scheduling) I can't say with all certainty that I have achieved this. But I am very hopeful that I will have.

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