Wednesday 7 December 2011

Goals for December

This time of year, my thoughts turn to survival. I feel like I'm one side of a war of attrition and my single focus is not allowing myself to be ground into the mud that threatens to envelope my classroom, and not giving in and just going to sleep as soon as I get home from work. So my goals are going to be quite focused on things to help me with this!
  • Knit hats for Mother Hand and Sib's girlfriend for Christmas.
  • Write and post at least ten Christmas cards.
  • Have all marking up to date by the end of term.
  • Plan 75% of lessons for the first week back after Christmas - we arrive back from skiing on an 8pm flight on Monday, and term starts on Tuesday, and although it should be an inset day, it's now been changed. So straight back to the chalkface and the only way I won't feel like it's a whole new attrition war is if I plan it before I leave!
  • Do my tax return for 2010/11. This is always a Boxing Day job but I may have to do it a bit earlier this year.
  • Take five new ideas from the Google Teacher meet up in London I'm going to and blog about them on my work blog.
  • Get very drunk at least twice. I seem to avoid drunkeness these days but I think it's good to cut loose now and again.
  • Really crack short turns when I'm skiing in three weeks. Assuming there is actually some snow by then. Crossing everything.

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