Tuesday 27 December 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Gifts of Christmas

1. This Dualit hand whisk, from Mother Hand. I particularly love that it has beaters, dough hooks AND a balloon whisk.

2. This amazing pillow, from Sib and Elise.

3. A very generous voucher for aforementioned home goods shop, to go with the pillow. Really looking forward to browsing at length and buying stuff for our newly decorated living room.

4. Three boxes of After Eights, from various members of my tutor group. I don't know what it is about me that says chocolate mint. I've played a lot of rounds of the After Eight game this season.

5. A Chromebook, from Google. I couldn't quite believe it when they said they were giving them out at the teacher meetup.

6. A reel of Merry Christmas ribbon and some very lovely gift tags from my work secret Santa. Since I organised it this year, I gave myself the deputy head who line manages me, thinking it would make it a little easier because she knows me, and she has bought me a nice gift in the past when I knitted her a tea cosy. She didn't disappoint.

7. A red and white spotty lunch bag from my forum secret friend (just the right size for my Bento box!), along with a pair of snowflake socks and a bar of Milka.

8. Two boxes of story cubes from Mr Z. LOVE!

9 and 10 reserved for gifts from my local friends whom I could not see before Christmas, thanks to the obligatory end-of-term cold I was briefly struck down by. Damn cold.

Hope you all got some lovely things too!

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