Tuesday 6 December 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I'd Like For Christmas (an annual post that makes me hopeful)

1. A red Dualit handwhisk. Mother Hand's getting me this. My old handwhisk was a gift from my grandparents for my 18th birthday, so it has lasted well but it's time to put it out to pasture, with easy things like egg whites and cream.

2. Scrabble cushions. They will go beautifully in our newly decorated lounge. Sib is in charge of purchasing these.

3. In fact, almost anything from Literary Gifts. I like this, these (would be so amazing for school!) and these which made me squeak OMGSCRABBLEONTHEFRIDGE when I saw them, in a voice only dogs could hear.

4. Some more of this yarn. There was a pattern for a whole cardigan knitted from it in one of the summer Vogue Knittings, and although I think such a thing preposterous, given the cost of the yarn, I am hankering after it a little.

5. A hypoallergenic pillow. I'm so tired of wishing I could take my sinuses out, rinse them and put them back in. Itchy, tickly nose, begone.

6. Amazon gift vouchers. I seem to buy basically all my music and books from Amazon these days, and some credit with them would go down a treat, particularly since you can't buy Kindle books as gifts at the moment.

7. Some of this Neals Yard moisturiser. They gave away free samples with a magazine, which were passed on to me by Parpy Jo, and I have become a fan. Feel a bit guilty because I still love Lush skincare, and their Gorgeous moisturiser is still my favourite, but since they discontinued my all-time number one facial product, I am making sure I have some alternatives available.

8. Some thermals. Funky ones. Something I can wear for skiing and also around the house. I can't find any I like online.

9. A big bottle of Moroccanoil. This product allows me to leave my hair to dry naturally, without putting up with stupid frizziness. Ergo, it is a much cheaper version of a Brazilian Blowdry.

10. Credit cards to be paid off. Hey, it didn't have to be a realistic list, did it? And if Father Hand ever strikes it lucky on that gold claim he's got in Idaho, you never know....

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