Saturday 17 December 2011

Weekword: Resolution

Late to the party AGAIN this week! It hs been quite a full-on week, though, so I am letting myself off. Again.

picked this week's word, resolution. Good word! I have been thinking about it this week, too, because I have been reviewing my resolutions post from January to see whether I can get any of them done in the next two weeks. You might have noticed, if you read regularly, that I make monthly resolutions too.

These are very motivating for me. For example, a resolution for December was to get all my marking done and my lessons planned before the holidays. One Thursday afternoon when my neck was sore and I was tired, I used this as a motivation to mark that last set of books, even though my trainer then had to rub my neck for me for 15 minutes because I was so stiff when I got to her; and on Friday morning, when I was even more tired and really not feeling like it, I worked through several slides of a year 11 lesson I needed to plan to reach my goal.

I don't know if I would have done it without the extra motivation of having to account for my actions on this blog, even though nobody is going to tell me off in the comments for not doing it ;) Again, it's the action of writing things down and ticking them off that makes me get my head down and do the task.

Just a quickie today, unfortunately, because I have to go and fetch Sib and Sib's girlfriend from the train station, ready to scoff this enormous turkey dinner I (or Mr Z, actually) have been preparing all afternoon. But thanks for picking such an apt word for this week, Emily!

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about gaining motivation because you've already blogged your intent - I find it similarly helpful when I join the to-do list on LLL. I know no one else really cares if I get everything done, but there's something in my head which thinks "ah, I've said I'll do it, I'd BETTER do it now eh?"