Tuesday 13 December 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten things left to look forward to this year

1. Natural History Museum school trip tomorrow. Bring on the fossils. And the gift shop.
2. "Wine tasting" on Thursday night. I use quotes as I don't imagine, it being the last full day of term, that I'll be spitting any out.
3. Drinks with the ski trip lot on Friday afternoon. Something mulled, hopefully.
4. Get Knitted Knatterers Christmas do on Saturday morning.
5. Early Christmas dinner with Mother Hand, Sib and Sib's girlfriend on Saturday night. I have ordered a turkey crown as big as my head.
6. Meeting Parpy Jo's new baby son, Morgan, who was born by emergency C section on Sunday night (Mother Hand's birthday!)
7. Going to the Google offices again next Monday night to catch up with the people I met 18 months ago and share new ideas.
8. Being off school and getting a few lie ins.
9. Actual Christmas, obviously. Looking forward to Father Z mixing me a gin and Dubonnet as I go through the door.
10. Hard to think of a 10. Hmm. OhyeahI'mgoingSKIINGagain!! New Year on the slopes, woop woop!

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