Wednesday 28 December 2011

Places I have been in 2011

It's been a manic year of travelling. My passport is well-thumbed, and my little car racking up its mileage. I managed seven trips out of the country this year; three of those were thanks to work so I have not done too badly at all! I think seven foreign trips might be a little excessive, though. It adds up to a little over two months. I wonder if I could claim back some council tax for that?

February -
Warrington - to see my friend Siany
Switzerland - long weekend skiing with Mr Z, Sib and Elise

Iceland - school trip

March -
Cornwall - weekend away with work friends

Shaftesbury - knitting group weekend away

April -
Austria - Saalbach - school ski trip

Sheffield - Easter weekend with best friend Jen
Taunton - royal wedding barbecue with Ben and Kirsty

May -
New York - with Mr Z to visit Keith & Gina

(My favourite moment on this particular day was when we were in a juice bar and a girl in a Batman t-shirt walked past, and she and Mr Z had a moment)

Pittsburgh - road trip to see Lisa, for the first time in 10 years!
Can't believe I don't have any pictures of this.

June -
London - exam board meeting. Yawn. But I got to meet Kerrie's new baby and see Sib's new flat.

July -
Cardiff - Conference I organised for eight schools at the university.

Australia - THE holiday of 2011.

August -
Australia - still! Well, I did go for a month.

Singapore, very briefly

October -
Sheffield/Mansfield - Combined visit to Jen and first aid course
Austria - Stubai, via Munich - ASCL course.

November -
Redditch - finally did my grandaughter duty! And said goodbye to Sian who has now moved to Australia.

December -
Two day trips to London: one for the Natural History Museum, one for the Google thing.

France - Briancon - personal ski trip. Expect lots of pictures in the new year!

I realised, when I looked at Flickr, that I haven't been diligent in uploading my pictures there this year, so I am rectifying that. My 2011 collection is here, if you want to look at more pictures!

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Burhan Ali said...

Wow, you've had a busy year!