Wednesday 28 November 2012

Make like Tom, and Cruise

Yesterday in my list, I said I had cooked for Tom Cruise. I feel this may be a little bit less exciting than it might have sounded! I do have a flair for the dramatic. But it is true.

I worked at a restaurant at Stirling Corner near Barnet in 1996 when I was taking a gap year before uni. Tom Cruise and the whole family were living nearby during the filming of Eyes Wide Shut at Elstree Studios. He came into the restaurant with his adopted kids (no Nicole) and ordered dinner, and I cooked part of the meal that was served to him. I didn't meet him, get an autograph, or even see him - it was all quite low-key at the time. We used to get a lot of actor types in that are locally famous. But now I can always say I cooked him dinner!

As for my book - getting a real kick out of being searchable on Amazon! As you see, not the most scintillating tome in existence (unless you are studying for this particular exam, in which case it's a fascinating and very topical read with lots of great activities and tips) but it's very exciting nonetheless. I always wanted to be a writer growing up (or an authoress, as I used to constantly refer to it - definitely a flair for the dramatic) and I never imagined that teaching would be a way into it for me. I've enjoyed researching and writing it and it's given me a taste to get my teeth into something similar in the future.

Thanks for your visits and your interest! Looking forward to touring your lists at the weekend - my new favourite Saturday morning task.

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moonsweetie said...

Ok, I love the Tom Cruise story! Ha! Thanks for sharing it! And congrats on being an authoress!! I think that is an excellent term (though I do generally love the dramatic side of things)