Friday 23 November 2012

Weekword: Snug

I really couldn't have picked a better word this week, I think! So. Much. Rain. Last night the last thing I wanted to do was trundle out in it, and drive in a shallow river all the way to Bath, but the show was at least worth it. Today has been dry and pretty beautiful, as all the water on the ground meant a low hazy mist across the fields as the sun set. However, it has been very cold - that special British cold that gets into your bones because it's so damp. Obviously I don't mind the cold, as a lover of skiing, but this kind of cold is a bit wearing. All the way home I was making up...

The Snug Routine
1. Place warmest PJs on hot radiator (I have some made from fleece. These are ideal.)
2. Wedge thick socks on there too.
3. Change bed sheets. Clean sheets are definitely snugglier.
4. Make hot water bottle and place this in the bed.
5. Squirrel out fluffiest towel. If you have a tumble dryer I suppose you might dry it for 5 minutes to fluff it up a bit.
6. Run warm bath. Bathe, using snug-inducing bath products, which for me would be anything spicy or with lavender or rose.
7. Dry thoroughly in fluffy towel.
8. Put on PJs and socks.
9. Dive into bed.
10. Acquire All The Pillows.
11. If there could be some sort of fluffy animal, such as a cat, this would presumably make it even better, but our mitten does not do snuggling so I can't speak from experience.
12. Now there should be some reading, playing Draw Something on a device of some kind, and possibly some sipping of a hot beverage, possibly laced with some kind of warming spirit. I personally find gin to be a very warming spirit.

This makes me warm just thinking about it. I think I may run through part of it now, to see how it works.

Just a solitary weekworder this week - please go and see what Carmen has to say on the theme of SNUG - and Carmen, I am tagging you back for next week since we're the only ones playing!


Biomouse said...

Sorry it's so quiet-holiday weekends tend to make the bloggin crew disappear! I'll post my snug blog today and try to figure out a good word for next. I adored this word and the whole routine of "snuggleness"-makes me want to cuddle with my husband all day! Great post for your return to Weekword.

Genskie said...

Awwww I am so wanting this... the cold weather and someone to cuddle with ... teeheee....

Story of my life...sigh*

Happy Late Thanks Giving Day :)