Friday 18 November 2011

Weekword: Sunshine

This week's word breaks through the November dullness courtesy of John. As a result, I have been singing this song all week.

I am a fan of the cheesy pop when it is uplifting. I find myself asking myself, "What AM I going to do today?" much like when I listen to a bit of Simon Webbe and remind myself that all the good times are coming around again.

Anyway. It hasn't been the easiest of weeks. I have had to work really hard with myself to prevent angry-snappy-teacher coming out and, with just a few sarcastic comments, burning all those bridges I've been building with my students. I'm a bit run down healthwise and very tired, because every spare moment is going on textbook-writing and marking assessments.
Luckily there have been a few real highs which have helped. So here are five things that have been my sunshine this week.

1. My sixth formers made commoncraftesque videos about Hitler. I gave them about three sentences of instruction and sent them off to create. They did so well.

2. The last thing I did before leaving today was ring the dad of a very naughty boy and tell him his son had made amazing progress and I was really proud of him. I love the guarded tone when I introduce myself, followed by happy surprise. It's a nice way to end the week.

3. The leisure centre has new spin bikes to go with their new spin studio and I can actually do all the runs and climbs on them! All this time I thought it was just me, but nope - it turns out the bikes are partially to blame.

4. This new Phoenix Rising bath bomb from Lush is just amazing. It smells familiar, and delicious, and turns the bath water a really strong shade of purple, and it magically manages to dissolve from the inside out. Made for a very enjoyable bath last night, which was just what I needed as the week drew to a close.

5. New Knitscene, which Get Knitted were kind enough to post out to me. It has two knitted dresses in it! As if I'd ever have time to knit a dress. A girl can dream, though.

Go over to John and have a read of the other entries, won't you? I don't know who is hosting next week. I'm going to offer, though, so you might find a new word here on Monday.


John said...

What a great post, I watched the vid on Hitler too. Well done on all your hard work.

Emily (lobsterdance) said...

Nooooo, video not playing in Japan. I feel your tough week pain but it sounds like it's been a good week for getting good student results!

Sally said...

You're only missing out on cheesy pop, Lobster :) glad you had a good week too. And thanks, John!

HedgeWytch said...

Sally, looks like you're hosting this week - I'll start directing people this way so I hope you'll be posting a word later! x