Tuesday 20 December 2011

Tuesday Ten

Ten Random Things

1. I've got a roll of Christmas paper that I bought roughly eight Christmases ago. I wonder if it will ever be used up.

2. I really hope I don't have to have a filling again at the dentist tomorrow.

3. All I want to do is buy festive food but there's no point because I won't be here to eat it.

4. Must buy Mr Z ham and assorted pickles tomorrow or the next day. Probably the next day - I couldn't get it in the fridge at the moment, thanks to the turkey.

5. I wonder if I can make inroads into my stash in 2012? I mean, proper inroads. Inroads enough that all of my yarn fits in all of my storage without lying around the house in plastic bags and boxes, upsetting Mr Z.

6. Odds and Todds up the 'wood is THE. BEST. PLACE. to go when you need to buy a gift for someone who is usually impossible to buy for.

7. Woody's girlfriend in This Is England '88 has the same haircut I rocked for basically the whole of the 90s. And she was wearing one of the best Christmas jumpers I've ever seen.

8. The Blogger interface doesn't work properly on this Chromebook. How ironic, since this is Google's OS, and Google's blogging site.

9. I'm not complaining because this Chromebook was free! Definitely worth going to the teacher thingie yesterday, even if it rained solidly and I have the obligatory holiday cold.

10. I know Mr Z would be happiest if I were now to just say - moo.

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=Z= said...

I love a good moo