Monday 5 November 2018

Blue Monday

The sky in Llandudno on Monday evening, with a pink wispy cloud in it. It got very cold once the sun had dropped but it seemed to make the sky bluer.

This was the end of a long and exhausting day delivering training and it should have been the beginning of a straightforward train journey home, but since Transport for Wales seems to have it in for me (remembering being stuck in Shrewsbury almost overnight last time I travelled home this way), there was an accident on a level crossing outside Ludlow and my train was delayed by 90 minutes, which added a total of two and a half hours to be journey once I'd waited for the connection in Newport, which by the way was crammed with metal fans on their way home from what appears to have been the world's sweatiest concert. I never want to smell anything like that again.

It could have been worse. The man in the accident had to be cut out of his car by the firemen. A two and a half hour delay and half an hour standing among sweaty metal fans seems like a fairly good deal by comparison.

But, consequently, I did not arrive home on Monday to blog about this, although the picture and intention were both there. I'm therefore backdating to the last possible minute of Monday.

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