Sunday 4 November 2018

Weekend WIP

Trees, trees, all the trees. I have completed four more tree segments since this picture was taken, which makes four complete trees and one top cone. I have a fair bit of the pine green left so will aim to make a middle or even bottom section for the extra top cone. It's a bit curious, this - for some reason that green was wound in two halves. One had been done on a ball winder, the other by hand. I assumed I'd used a portion but it seems to be going further than the khaki green. The hand-wound ball, though, has been wound very tightly - I must have been in a mood when I did it - so the yarn looks thinner as it leaves the ball. I wonder if maybe my gauge is a bit tighter as a result, hence the yarn going further; but I can't compare as I'm not at home. And maybe I'd used a bit of the khaki. I do recall an ill-fated attempt at knitting holly leaves for a wreath - as I remember, I knitted two of the suggested 80 required and then got bored.

Anyway. As I think I said yesterday, I have about half a skein of mid-green as well, and then the trees will be done. Maybe on the train home tomorrow? I do have nearly 40 sixth form essays that need marking, though. And the new Vogue. It's got these very fashionable jumpers in it this month, which are listed as 'embroidered' or 'distressed' but are actually just inside out intarsia without the ends woven in. I kind of get it. I get distressed about weaving ends in, too. I'm on board with the idea of making this into a feature.

I definitely don't own the copyright to this - it's Calvin Klein. I quite like the backwards element of the intarsia, but as a knitter, the loose ends just look lazy to me. I know, high fashion, blah blah. I think if I had this jumper (in an alternate universe where high fashion was available in plus sizes) then I would probably weave them in myself.

Nobody mention my tree ends by the way - they're being felted so I'm just going to cut them off after.

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