Saturday 3 November 2018

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

So look, I know he went all kinds of wrong but I really loved Danny John-Jules's quickstep. It actually made me pick up my phone and vote for the first time this year.

I didn't notice what the mistakes were the first time round, though it was clear he went out of time with Amy a few times. But I love a quickstep, he has some killer style in there, and he sells it really, really well - Bruno said this in the feedback. I half wish they end up in the dance-off so that he can have another crack at it, but then, I wouldn't want him to go up against someone else that I want to stay in.

Special mention must be made of Kate's dress, which might be my favourite outfit ever on Strictly. I love this combination of bright blue and red. Hopefully when I am famous enough to be on Strictly, I hope they give me an outfit that's very similar.

I can't find a good picture of it. Here's a good one, but curiously, in a lot of them the red belt is missing, which makes it much less amazing imo. I guess these were maybe posed before the live show.

I love the red lining and the shape on the neckline.

Here is a bad picture of it with the red belt.

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