Sunday 25 November 2018

Weeknote: 24/11

Mother Hand's Christmas hat. It didn't quite go according to plan, but I cast off today and I think it will work OK. More on that tomorrow.

I was browsing and came across a very old plan I had to knit a t-shirt out of bamboo, so I am thinking of starting that next...or the baby Santa jacket for my colleague...we'll see. Probably the latter because it will be easier to just pick up and knit.

Going to:
There hasn't been a lot of 'going to' this week. It's been a quiet one and I've spent a lot of time watching bad TV. I have enjoyed it a lot.

The only break with that was on Thursday, when I went to Bath Christmas markets - see yesterday's blog post about that. It felt very Christmassy on Thursday morning when my car was fully iced and I was delighted to be getting the bus in so I could avoid scraping it. Then after our browse, we had a Thai dinner at Thaikuhn, which does delicious food.

Other than that though - a lazy week. Today I did not leave the house. Bliss.

Entertained by:
Mr Z and I watched all four episodes of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix today and were both inspired. It's a very enjoyable cooking show and I'm hoping for a god at that crispy Iranian rice dish sometime soon. I remember, when I was a teen, having friends from Iran and Iraq - Shara and Neem. Shara had us round once for dinner and made that rice dish. It was epic.

I'm enjoying reading Outcasts in Time that I started last week. Our anti-heroes are currently in the 15th century and wondering why everybody thinks their clothes are so weird. I'm looking forward to when they end up in the 18th century.

FESTIVE! Well-relaxed, too. Bring on the Christmas party season.

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