Sunday 11 November 2018

Weeknote: 10/11

Trees, trees, trees. I am finished though, and they are felting in the machine as I type. All the green yarn is finally used up and can be ticked out of stash.

I have, as a result, discovered that two of the four yarn colours I used for the watermelon bag I made nearly a decade ago have been discontinued....phrasing it like that, actually, it's not so shocking. However, I had it in mind to make another so I must either find another shade of green I like or beg the original colour out of people's stashes on Ravelry. I did love that heathered green with the touch of red in it; although Mr Z pointed out that the red wasn't quite appropriate and that a darker green or a yellow would be better, I did like that red in it.

This is all moot, of course. I haven't even got time to knit the things I want to knit. It's probably better if I pull out the old watermelon bag and try to fix it up.

Going to:
I started the week in Llandudno. I wandered around Conwy, saw the castle and the Tudor House and then had dinner at Dylan's back on Llandudno seafront with my colleagues. I can highly recommend the Swn y Mor B&B though how it's pronounced is anyone's guess. The views are stunning, however.

From the breakfast table. 

Some on Conwy Castle.

I spent Monday at the local school, leading some of the training for their teachers which was superfun and very inspiring. Then I hopped on the train home which was hellishly delayed. I got home at 12.45am, thus ruining all that credit rest I had built up over half term. C'est la vie.

The rest of the week was rather a frantic time of cramming five days into three, since on Friday the whole school was at a commemoration event, except for a few of us that were sent over to our sister school to do some work with their teachers. There's a weird feeling there, because we are top grade and they are bottom, that they're going to assume we're swanning in with all the answers. Absolutely not. Different context and all that. However, I did see probably the worst lesson I've ever witnessed during the day (thankfully not in my subject) so perhaps we do have something to offer them. It was, as ever, fun and useful to go out to another school and see how they do it, with the added bonus that I was home by 2pm and managed to get lots of chores done and go and shout at the accountant for messing up my tax return.

So yes, a good week.

Entertained by:
There hasn't been much free time for this sort of thing. I have caught up on all the things I had recorded to watch and I'm still plugging away at Travellers in the Third Reich, which is suffering the same fate as most other non-fiction I pick up - I'm losing interest because there's no story to be resolved. I've been ruminating on why I don't read very much anymore and I'm concluding it's because I keep buying lots of non-fiction books when I have never been successful at reading them. I'm buying for the person I want to be, not the person I am.

I contributed to a crowdfunder for Mr B's bookshop in Bath, though, so I should be getting a few fiction books through in the post soonish.

I've been attempting to make beeswax reusable wraps this weekend. It hasn't been excellent but I will share the results of that in a separate post (still chasing that 127...)

Still quite frantic. I am getting tired of having to go out for days here and there. Next week I have to be out of lessons for nearly two entire days. Out of eight teaching weeks so far, I've only had two where I have been in for the full week. It's a little bit too much. I miss my classes and I miss the frees that come along every so often.

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