Tuesday 13 November 2018

Spare cat

There has been a mitten-shaped hole Chez Z since her demise in January. Both of us have moments when we see her ghosting around the house and last week I thought I'd trodden on her. Weird.

Luckily this monster has been heroically trying to fill that hole.

Introducing Spare Cat.

He's been around for a while. He used to be an acquaintance of Mitten's. He'd come round in the evenings and they'd sit either side of the French window, chirruping at each other. Then she'd go outside and hiss and wave a paw in his face, and he'd slink off a little way. It was kind of cute. 

When Mitten died, we didn't see him for some months, and when he came back he had a shaved back leg and a pronounced limp. He pops round every so often (probably because we feed him) but he is a nice cat to have around. He goes quite nicely with the floor, for one thing. For another, he really loves being fussed, which is a nice treat.

Last week did mark a new level of bold, though. If we ignore him, he sits on the rocking chair in the back garden, and when you go near the back window, he rocks it. Such a character.  

It is nice to have a cat around again.

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