Sunday 11 November 2018

Sunday Selfie

This week were the special plays at school. They're an annual event. Year 7 are told that they're very boring traditional plays in ancient languages and to bring knitting and things to keep themselves occupied; the whole of the school goes along with this fiction which is quite nice (and surprising). In reality, the teachers get together and write some ridiculous script that always involves a dance off, a play fight and the same (unpopular) member of staff getting pied in the face, while the Year 13s write a similar play lampooning the teachers. It's a bit weird but very much part of our traditions.

I found out in my first year that those not involved in the play ended up covering those that are, so I have always volunteered. This year we became stereotypical teenagers. I literally rubbed my gold highlighter palette all over my face and added a brown stripe under my cheekbone. Here some of us are in costume:

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