Saturday 24 November 2018

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

This week the dance of the week crown must go to Stacey and Kevin, who managed to camp up the paso to such a degree I almost laughed. Particular favourite bits include the 'talk to the hand' and when Kevin plays with her skirt. I saw that they struggled with this one in training so I wondered if the choreographer made it deliberately just on the edge of a parody to make it more palatable. I do love a good paso to a really traditional track, it must be said,

However, I cannot let this week pass without also mentioning the fantastic effort of the live band covering House of Pain's 'Jump Around' - a song integral so to my youth, we had a dance to it. It's all samples in the original (as far as I can tell) so trying to score it for live playing must have been a nightmare; though a little research tells me the squeal played at the start of each bar is actually a tenor sax and not some scratch of a record, so it was probably a little easier than I thought. I wasn't an enormous fan of the dance (high energy, though - good job) but hat's off to the band.

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