Monday 12 November 2018

Blue Monday

Dreaming of the Galapagos this week.

Nice weather, nothing to do but snorkel, loads of wildlife to look at, new friends made, bonding over trying not to throw up when the sea got rough, star gazing miles from anywhere, sea lions popping up all over the place, Sally Lightfoot marking, no planning, no meetings, no training days, no emails...

I was meditating today, though, that Theresa May must be exhausted. The news said something about* her needing to have finalised Brexit by midday on Wednesday. Just typing that made me facepalm - I thought my schedule was jammed. She must have not had a decent night's sleep since she took over. I feel like she's basically doing the equivalent of all of my jobs, but whilst also inhabiting a pit of snakes, under the full glare of all the world's media.

She's not my cup of tea but you have to hand it to her. It defo makes me feel better about my workload.

* I was scrolling through Twitter so I wasn't clear on the specifics of what needs to be achieved by then.

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