Sunday 30 December 2012

2012 Knitting Round Up

It has been something of a slow year for knitting. I don't think I will ever reach the dizzy heights of 2009, but then that year did involve two lots of snow days and almost three weeks off sick with my gall bladder and swine flu.

This year, I finished 16 projects, 14 of which I also started in 2012. I learned to crochet and busted quite a lot of stash. I designed a pair of mitts and heavily modified a hoody - good for keeping the creativity sharp - and I finished my first pair of socks. I cast on for four projects that remain unfinished, but one of those is going to be quite long-term, being felted flowers to upholster a chair.

Next year I really hope to finish a few more of my long-term UFOs and knit up some more stash, notably at least two of the yarn lots I bought at Wonderwool, before it's time for Wonderwool again. We're going for the whole weekend this time. God save me.

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