Monday 31 December 2012

Resolutions Round Up

My annual recap on my goals for the year

1. Go Spinning 50 times.
I didn't do this. I made it half way to 25, which isn't too bad. I got quite behind by the summer and could have caught up, but it would have involved more commitment than I was able to give when also training for a run. So I made the conscious decision to stop, which was probably a mistake, as there were several times I booked into a class and then shirked it. Naughty.

2. Do the Sodbury Slog.
Oh yes, I definitely managed this one.

3. Learn to crochet.
Yes, I did this. FINALLY. Definitely don't prefer it to knitting but I think it will be handy to do both.

4. Finish knitting my first pair of socks.
Yes - another FINALLY! I am already planning my second pair. I have the yarn and the pattern ready to go. Now just need the time. I can't believe I didn't blog about them - how reticent of me. A beautiful red lace pair, with golden sparkles. I wore them as much as possible over the holidays.

5. Say no to more work things. Once more, I find myself hopelessly over-committed. I do NOT want to feel like this next year.
Yes, I did this. In fact, this term has been relatively relaxing, thanks to a combination of saying no and some things I said yes to being cancelled. I have still taken one a new project, but just the one. In April I was asked to do quite a big project but I said no; the recruiter actually thanked me for being honest and then in the summer gave me some review work on the project, for which I was paid more about four times what they promised! So it seems to pay off to say no a bit.Also, I don't feel hopelessly over-committed.

6. Do something outstanding at work.
I'd like to say yes, but really I have just been plodding along and trying to keep my head down. The business of last spring really put me off my step and the new headteacher is keeping things interesting. However, I am on the teaching and learning team now and we do quite a lot of whole-school stuff. I also got a lot of teachers hooked on using QR codes, which was a pretty big achievement. I think I might count this as a win, though it doesn't look how I expected it to.

7. Sell 30 things on ebay.
No. The same 13 perfumes that inspired this goal in January are still sitting on my desk. For shame! I thought I would try and cheat and so yesterday I went onto ebay to list them all, thinking I would at least sell these 13. Ebay has limited me to 10 items a month. So, I have listed seven and I'm sulking.

8. Get shelves put up in the spare room so that I can get it looking slightly tidier.
Yes and no. I got a really massive shelf built for my knitting books, but because it means the bed no longer fits in the room it's actually slightly messier in there now. I also intended to get more shelves put up and never got round to it. But the one I did get made is very lovely, at least.

9. Blog more than 127 times. The last three years look nice to my bit of brain that loves patterns, but I think I can do better.
I was quiet for too long in the first months of the year. I could have squeezed in an extra post over the last couple of days but it seemed pointless to ruin the nice pattern for the sake of achieving this goal, when it hasn't made me blog more regularly through the year. Roughly once every three days has been good enough for me for the past four years; maybe next year I will manage more.

10. Lose weight. 
Well, I'm not going to weigh myself right after Christmas to find out! I did lose some weight in the autumn. However, I gained some weight earlier in the year. This is probably a no.

Six out of ten! Quite happy with that, actually. I have also passed that ski course, and paid off my student loans, and finished writing my first book, and finally got my sitting room curtains made up; and views of my blog passed 20,000 this week which is quite exciting. All-in-all, in spite of a couple of notable negatives, 2012 has been a pretty good year. Here's to 2013!

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