Friday 28 December 2012

Fave Friday

This week, I have been quaffing some of this.


It's Rekorderlig Cider, in "Winter" flavour. My friend Crabby and I had an amusing Twitter conversation last month about what flavour winter is, during which I hypothesised that it was a combination of salt crust scraped from a car, leaf mulch and frost, while she hoped for a mix of reindeer, glitter and snowflakes. She was, at the time, eating a Mr Kipling winter pie and was unable to identify the flavour, which prompted the conversation.

Rekorderlig helpfully tell you what they flavour their winter cider with. I have to say, I was given pause when I first drank this (dressed in a Santa costume, after the Santa run) - who needs to say their cider tastes of apple? REALLY? But actually, what that does is give it that fruity, appley taste you normally get with non-alcoholic apple cider (or, as we call it in this country, pressed juice) alongside a little kick from vanilla and cinnamon.

I mentioned this to Sib and his girlf at the weekend. She wrinkled her nose up. "Yes, we sell a lot of that at the pub where I work," she said, "but it is too sweet for me...I haven't tried that flavour though." Having since tried the mango and raspberry flavour I can see why; that was very pleasant but I would not have identified it as a cider in a blind taste test. This is not as sweet, and definitely has the good appley flavour. It is also (or was also) on sale in a British supermarket which colours its branding orange, at three bottles for a fiver. I'm only sorry I drank my three bottles so quickly; I should have bought more, but there is always a certain danger associated with smuggling non-West country cider into the house and on this instance Mr Z was actually paying so it's probably just as well I didn't push my luck. 

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