Thursday 27 December 2012

Christmas FO

More Red Evangelines


I made my first pair of red Malabrigo Evangelines in December 2010 and I blogged about it here* - the story is basically the same, except this time I did only four repeats and I double stranded with some glittery red Kidsilk. I didn't knit any thumbs either, because I ran out of yarn. I weighed it carefully before and after the second mitt and I thought I would be OK, but I ran out of yarn on the 4th row of ribbing on the second mitt, so I had to rip back the first one a little so it matched, and so that I had enough yarn to finish binding off the second one.


This was what I had over. Efficient.

They were well-liked by the recipient, and I liked how the red striped. It's useful to know, too, that if I had kept it to 5 repeats I'm pretty sure I would have got two pairs out of one skein of Malabrigo worsted - not bad.

Knitting with it has made me lust after some more Malabrigo, unfortunately. Like I don't have enough yarn already. The whole point was to stashbust, but as with Nanny Hand's hat, this may unfortunately lead to some more stash.

* Incidentally, this is probably one of my most popular blog posts ever, because it has my version of Big Bang Theory's Penny's Santa Hat in it, for which people Google ALL. THE. TIME.
If you stumbled across this post because you're looking for that hat, I highly recommend Etsy. There are always versions for sale on there in the run up to Christmas. 

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