Sunday 2 December 2012

Weekword: Ferruginous

Very late! Sorry Carmen.

This is a lovely word to say but it had me a bit stumped, until I remembered my current favourite item of clothing.


This lovely skirt is made of cord and it is the most beautiful rust colour. It's not as red as it looks in the picture and not as brown as it looks on the Boden website, but somewhere in between. When I ordered it I was convinced I would be sending it back - it formed a mega order from the autumn preview and I hoped to send more than half of it back, cough cough. I don't regret keeping it at all, though. Just looking at it makes me cheerful and it really brightens up the dull cloudy days. It goes well with a wide variety of other clothing and makes me feel good when I wear it. Look at this colour!


It's actually past due a wash, but I keep sponging it and airing it because I don't want any of that beautiful colour to fade away. The pictures don't really do it justice. Ferruginous indeed.

Thanks for teaching me a new word, Carmen! Looking forward to reading the other posts this week. 

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Biomouse said...

Don't you just so enjoy some of those splashy, goes-with-everything, comfy pieces in your wardrobe so much? This color is fabulous and I'm so glad you played this week. I know I pick weird words sometimes, but I figure its fun to explore new words :) Frolic is the next word at Mary's spot