Monday 31 December 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: December

Emma hosted this month.

Or rather, GINspiration...


It feels like everything I've made this month has been inspired by the season, so what better choice than my advent calendar?! I have enjoyed sipping my way through these, on the rocks with a big slice of lemon. I must admit I am still only up to the 14th - making advent last into 2013. No Dryathlon for me.

Something I Made
A special New Year's Eve dessert of my own creation - Mont Blanc brownies.

Motif: Stars
My new starry jumper - perfect for this month!

Parpy Jo bought me this silver cake stand. It's so pretty.

As mentioned in a previous post, we always top our tree with a Mexican hat from a bottle of Cuervo.

Make sure you go and have a nose at everybody else's! Next month Starla is hosting, so if you want to take part, pop over and leave her a comment.

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Unknown said...

Ginvent calendar? Oh my... **dies** !! Love the Tequila hat on the tree - what a fab idea! :-)