Saturday 29 December 2012

Weekend WIPs

As is fast becoming a post-Christmas tradition, I am currently trying to finish up two projects that I meant to finish for Christmas. The first of these are some flip top mittens for Mother Hand. They are made to a pattern called Ginni.



The second picture is much truer in terms of colour - this is knit with Debbie Bliss Andes which was in the sale at Get Knitted and I thought matched these buttons, from House of Alistair, perfectly.The yarn is maybe a little fluffy for the pattern; I am hoping gentle blocking will calm down the halo I created whilst knitting it. I really love the definition of the twisted rib and they are gorgeously soft and warm. I cast on and knit the cuff rib in November but didn't pick it up again until Christmas Day. Now I am ready to cast on the second one.

However this is also taking my attention.


It is for Parpy Jo's one year old son. She wants a hoody that zips right up the back. The Welsh dragon motif was my idea - I think I mentioned it before. It is going superquick. This King Cole merino is lovely to knit with, especially after the splittiness of the Andes.

My goal is to finish at least one of them before 2013! We'll see...

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