Tuesday 18 December 2012

Tuesday Ten

Artsyville invites us to share holiday traditions.

1. It is imperative that I drink too much at the staff Christmas party and take lots of photographs.
2. Our tree topper has to be a Mexican hat from the top of a bottle of Cuervo.

(At this point I feel compelled to explain that I am by no means a big drinker, but it just so happens that these two happened to be the first two I thought of).

3. Turkey dinner on Christmas eve, with pine nut and red pepper stuffing.
4. Christmas lunch with the Parents Z.
5. Blueberry bread and butter pudding for Boxing Day breakfast, made in the slow cooker.
6. Doing my tax return on Boxing Day (it has to be done while there is some festive cheer around or I think it would be too depressing).
7. I always have a wreath for the front door. This year's wreath is a bird feeder wreath and the metal staple fell out so it is hanging over a tree branch by the door. More accessible for the birds there, anyway. A post-Christmas tradition is usually that the wreath then gets tossed into the front garden undergrowth until such time as it has rotted away to its metal frame (roughly 6 months) at which point I retrieve and recycle the remains.
8. Sending Christmas cards from the Natural History Museum. I only discovered these last year when I staffed the school visit there and ordering them online was painful (postage as much as the cards!) but the images, from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, are so beautiful and I am so happy to support the work of the Natural History Museum that I don't mind the splurge.
9. Seeing my family at a point that is not actual Christmas, when shops and restaurants and cinemas are open once more and the pressure to enjoy each other's company is off. Mother Hand is coming for Christmas this year, though. There was been immense unnecessary dwama about seeing the rest of my family which I won't go into; by maintaining our usual tradition we usually manage to avoid dwama.
10. Attempting to make the leftover turkey, along with the ham, pickles and mountain of cheese, last until New Year so that no cooking needs to be done.

So, more than half of those are to do with consuming food/drink. Hmmm.


Textile Recycler said...

Ugh.. taxes...
I'm with you on making food last forever or at least till New Years. There's something wonderful about leftovers and even better yet, not having to cook every day! Have a wonderful holiday :)

storybeader said...

thanks for the explanatory note. I was wondering... LOL Glad you're using the Museum's holiday cards - support those museums! {:-Deb

35jupe said...

Pine nut and red pepper dressing. ooooooh.

Cheryl Gee said...

As Em commented the pine nut and red pepper dressing sounds delicious.

This year I ordered some hatch chili dressing for Thanksgiving from a local upscale market and it was incredible!

Must seek a recipe for pine nut and red pepper dressing!


Molly said...

your list made me chuckle! all your food and drink sounds wonderful... isn't that what holidays are for? :-)