Sunday 23 December 2012

Echo from the future


I mentioned Nanny Hand in this post about the hat I made her (which she loved - it may be the most pleased anybody has ever been with something I made for them). I also mentioned her at Christmas party night with my Bristol bezzies on Friday night. Jo was surprised. "You've still got a granny? I've got granny envy!"

Yes, I still have one left, and I think I should probably make more of an effort. Traditionally I was close to Mother Hand's mum while Sib was closer to Father Hand's parents and I think, unfortunately, that has been in the back of my mind in spite of the fact Mother Hand's mum passed away in 2005. So, I probably don't make the effort I should and I will probably regret it.

However, I am very much hoping I take after her. She is still sharp as a pin, at 88, though quite deaf. She is a busy deacon at her local church, drives herself around (though scarily) and does all her own shopping and cooking. She's on Facebook. And last night, at my cousin's wedding, I asked her up to dance and she can MOVE. Excellent rhythm and pretty fast - when Footloose came on I thought she would leave but she really gave it some, and even let me spin her.

I do hope I'm like her when I'm 88.

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