Monday 17 December 2012

Weekend WIP and FO

I finished to go.


These are another pair of Evangeline mitts (incidentally, annoying that a free pattern now costs and I don't have it in my Ravelry library anymore....I had to go hunting through a hard drive), which I have knitted twice before. This time I am knitting them for Sib's girlfriend and I will actually give them to her, instead of sending them away as a prize to somebody from The Forum who never even acknowledged their arrival (definitely not knit-worthy).

They will be shorter than the last red pair because I only had 44g of Malabrigo left and I needed 56g for the 6 repeats. So they're 4 repeats only, but I have stranded it with some Rowan Kidsilk Night (I think) - red with a little silver sparkle in it. It's very subtle and adds a lovely halo and a smooshy softness to the finished article. The first one knit up yesterday afternoon and the second one needs to be done by Saturday, but I don't think that will be a problem.

I also finished these -


Stars. They are knitted in King Cole Glitz and are for a swap I am doing on Ravelry. A bit of a faff, knitting each point and then sewing up, but I think it's quite clever how the ends form the stuffing. If I had to weave in all those ends I'd probably not have made them at all. As it is, I am intending to make enough for a garland for next Christmas. I'll probably remember that about this time next year.

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