Tuesday 4 December 2012

Tuesday Ten

Ten Small Comforts (thanks for the inspiration, Artsyville)

1. My chunky, fuzzy, Iceland socks
2. When my hair looks good and not too fluffy
3. Diet Coke in a cup with a straw from the drive-through McDonald's
4. A game of Scrabble or cards
5. Beautiful blue scenery pictures*
6. Snugs with Mr Z
7. A deep and bubbly bath
8. Gin and a nap - the ultimate cure-all (this will be the title of my memoirs)
9. Thank yous and compliments from students
10. Cake. Even pictures of cake is enough.

* I am so very sad Google made the personalised images on their homepage go away. I had a beautiful blue picture of Tahoe. Every time I opened a new browser window I sighed with a little more calmness than before. Why are Google always getting rid of the features I use?

I sort of miss daily blogging, but when I rolled into bed at 10pm last night I did say to Mr Z, "I am SO glad I am not blogging every day this month!" Sometimes it is just too much to be able to write a little something. But I am pleased I managed to complete NaBloPoMo (even though I am Interna really) for the third year running. Hope it didn't get too dull.

Also - this is my hundredth Tuesday Ten post!


Tara Holmes said...

McDonalds has the VERY BEST Coke!! It's like they have the inside on an extra-special formula or something :) Congrats on your posts of 10 milestone, too :)

Anonymous said...

Sally, good going on the blogging every day. I have to commend you because I tried it once...and also still do it for National Poetry Month in April.
Great list! Apparently I need to find some Iceland sox : )

Textile Recycler said...

Ahhhh, simple but necessary pleasures...

35jupe said...

I so hear you. I blogged every day in October (unofficially, I didn't do it in conjunction with anything) and it was wonderful but hard! Congrats for doing it!

And I want to do a poem a day in April, for Poetry month. It's on the list. This is quite an accomplishment as well!

This is a wonderful list.

storybeader said...

congrats. on the 100 Tuesday Ten posts. And Aimee's List It Tuesday fell right into place! Fuzzy warm socks are great in winter - if we still have cold weather! {:-Deb

aimee said...

totally with you on the McD coke!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I am also so sad that the home-page image went away--I had a striking picture of my husband that brought me a little twinge of joy and love every time I saw it.