Monday 9 November 2009


One thing I have to do, but don't want to do:
1. Set 19 lessons of cover for when I go away (and I can't even whinge about it, because I'm going to Malaysia and nobody at work wants to hear about poor me and my 19 lessons of cover).

Three things I have to do, which I don't mind doing:
1. Dry slope skiing session number 1, tomorrow. I even have to drive the minibus down there. Eek!
2. Packing for going to Malaysia. I am waiting on two more parcels and then I can start laying stuff out for the suitcase.
3. Handy dying the other bags, before Thursday. This may not happen.

Five things I'm eagerly anticipating:
1. Dinner with Ali and Parpy Jo on Wednesday night.
2. Knitting group on Thursday night. I hope to distribute the newly-dyed bags, but I am uncertain whether I will have time to dye, wash and dry them before then, since I won't be home until superlate tomorrow.
I love my Thursday knitting group. We're actually going away for a weekend together in March! How exciting is that! A whole weekend of knitting, except Rachel will be crocheting and Chris will be spinning. Mary will probably knit about 15 things in the first half hour and make Hannah and me feel inadequate. It will be A Lot Of Fun (tm).
3. Geology on Friday. I was gutted I had to miss it last week, apparently they did viscosity. I could teach them a thing or two about being thick.
4. Curry and The Wire with Mrs Z on Friday night. Just what I need before I get on a plane - spicy food.
5. Um, did you know that on Saturday I am going to MALAYSIA?!

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